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Installation advice and how to select the right Showerdome

Showerdome have developed many different shapes and sizes which accommodate most new and existing showers.

All Showerdomes are made on 'blanks' bigger than they need to be to allow for custom fitting as each shower has unique measurements.

Showerdomes can be installed by those competant in DIY, with the correct tools. For details on how to fit your Showerdome, please see the installation instructions below. If you have any questions please contact us, we're happy to help you achieve the perfect installation.

Showerdome installation, like any DIY project needs to be carried out safely. Make sure you have the right tools, relevant information and protective equipment. If you have any doubts please use one of our trained installers.

Installation instructions and further information

The information below will help you find the right Showerdome size for your shower and assist you in the installation process. Please contact us if you require any further help.

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Installation manual
Installation tips
Showerdome shapes and sizes
Which Showerdome size is right for me?
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