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Your questions answered

Does Showerdome work?

Showerdome has been installed on shower enclosures in more than 50,000 homes across Europe and the South Pacific.  Studies from the University of Waikato, New Zealand have proven that this unique innovation effectively traps warm air, blocks cold air and stops the production of steam in your bathroom.   Download the Showerdome test report here (PDF).

Download the Showerdome test report.
University of Waikato Showerdome test report, 2011.

Where can I see a Showerdome?


Showerdomes are coming to bathroom stores near you. Currently you can see a Showerdome at:

Comfort Bathrooms, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 6JX. If you can't make it to this store please contact us and we will help.


Will the moisture escape into the bathroom when I open the shower door?

No. As you shower the water vapour in the shower condenses against the sides of the enclosure and runs down the plughole. When you step out of the shower, simply close the door behind you. After a few minutes squeegie the shower sides down and leave the door ajar.


What if my shower head is above the height of the shower walls?

In such situations the shower riser (the rail the shower head slides up and down on) may need to be reduced in height slightly to bring the showerhead within the dome. This is usually a simple task which can be carried out by a competent plumber or DIYer.

Will Showerdome work if there is not an airtight seal?

No shower is airtight so you'll be pleased to hear that even without an airtight seal Showerdome will still work.

Will Showerdome fit my shower enclosure?

Absolutely. There are 10 Showerdome designs of varying shapes and sizes. A trained installer, or competant DIY-er, can fit a Showerdome to your shower cubicle. 

Will a Showerdome work with a shower curtain?

No. Shower curtains tend to let too much moisture out of the shower.

How does Showerdome work?

Steam forms when the warm, moisture filled air mixes with cooler air.  The result is clouds of steam filling the bathroom.  A Showerdome on your shower enclosure locks warm air in and keeps cold air out, stopping steam from forming. For more information, see our How it works page.

Can Showerdome save me money?

Yes! Showerdome is a one-off investment. There is no need to run extractor fans or bathroom heaters to remove excess steam. You are likely to reduce your hot water temperature and consumption. You will also save on cleaning products, and your long term bathroom maintenance is greatly reduced!

Are there any ongoing running costs?

No. Once the dome is fitted there are no more costs. It has no moving parts, there is nothing to break down. 


How do I clean my Showerdome?

Your Showerdome can be buffed up in situ with a clean lint-free cloth. If necessary, it can removed and polished with an anti static aerosol polish.

Can I install Showerdome myself?

Of course! Installation is simple with a DIY kit to help you get your Showerdome installed. We can provide the advice you need to do a DIY install.

Will I need to replace my Showerdome?

Showerdome's are built to last and with the right maintenance (regular cleaning) it will last for years without fear of cracking, staining or deterioration.

Any unanswered questions?

Head to the contact us page and we'll be happy to help. We'll help you find the right model dome for your shower cubicle or answer any questions you might have regarding your Showerdome installation.

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