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The benefits of a installing a Showerdome

Energy savings

Fitting a Showerdome makes the shower much warmer because warmth is contained within the shower enclosure.

The cooler air in your bathroom cannot cascade over the shower wall - no more cold draughts down your back!

Less hot water is needed for a warm, comfortable shower. The typical reduction in water temperature is 10-15%, even in winter.

Turning on a fan while showering creates more steam because it draws cool air into the bathroom - and that's what's causing the steam.

Fans are used to ventilate and dry the bathroom after ablutions are complete. If the room is dry - as the result of using a Showerdome - no fan is required.

It's common to see windows left open to ventilate damp bathrooms.  An open window quickly lets large volumes of warm (expensively heated) air escape out of the home. It's also a security risk.

Instal a Showerdome and keep windows and vents closed during cooler weather for a warmer, safer home

Bathrooms are often cold damp rooms so we tend to use heaters to make them more welcoming. A heater will warm the bathroom but as the room cools down after use there is even more condensed damp.

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       No steam with a Showerdome

Health benefits

The health benefits of a dry home are well known

- as are the dangers caused by dampness, mould and mildew.


Moisture feeds dust mites which are recognised as the cause of many health problems.


Conditions such as asthma, influenza, allergies and pneumonia can be triggered or made more serious by cold and damp conditions.



Installing a Showerdome reduces cleaning time and the use of cleaning materials. Surfaces stay fresher longer.


Many modern homes have ensuite bathrooms openning onto bedrooms. Moisture from the shower is able to permeate the bedroom making carpets, drapes, bedding and clothes damp. Showerdome keeps the moisture in the shower and away from your home.



A case in point. We were recently called in to survey a London hotel in which a number of ensuite bathrooms had moisture problems. The ceiling of one ensuite was being repainted 'every 5 to 6 weeks' according to the hotel manager. This caused a loss of income and additional maintenance costs each time the work became necessary.


Problem solved with a Showerdome.